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Helping out a bumble bee #bee

Helping out a bumble bee #bee

Heather Jones


Heather Jones - Tryweryn. 

Dyma Heather yn canu fersiwn Saesneg o’r gan enwog Tryweryn gan Meic Stevens. Mwynhewch. 

Heather Jones singing an English language version of the famous Meic Stevens track, Tryweryn. 

Cymro gyntaf i’r gofod

Cymro gyntaf i’r gofod

Derek Boote.


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Derek Boote - Amser. 

Every music scene has it’s forgotten heroes. The Welsh music scene has many, but for me, one stands out more than any other, Derek Boote. Pick up a pile of Welsh singles from the late 60’s and early 70’s and I guarantee you that Derek’s name will be on at least half. I’m not going to pretend that I know much about Derek and his history, only that he moved to Cardiff in the mid 60’s with his best friend Hywel Gwynfryn, that he played on countless sessions for the BBC on shows such as Disc a Dawn and Can i Gymru, and that tragically, he was killed on set in 1974 whilst filming a TV show. This song “Amser” was written by Alwyn Humphreys and was entered into the Can disc a dawn competition of 1971.

Hywel a Derek 1965

Y Brithyll


Y brithyll

Y Brithyll - Tincars 

Trawsfynydd answer to the Jackson 5! Y Brithyll ( The Trout) compromised of two brothers, Glyn and Gareth and their school friends William, David and Garfield. The group formed in Ysgol y Moelwyn, Bleanau Ffestiniog and performed locally as well as on Welsh TV. The song “Tincars" is a tribute to the life of a traveler. 

Hogia Trawsfynydd, Glyn, Gareth, David, William a Garfield! Ffurfiodd y grŵp yn ysgol y Moelwyn, Blaena, tua 1968 a rhyddhawyd un EP, ar label Tŷ ar y graig. Mae’n debyg y mai yn gapel y traws rhoesant eu perfformiad cyhoeddus gyntaf. Mae’r clawr yn disgrifio’r grŵp fel yma.. “Arddull naturiol gartrefol sydd ganddynt a’r caneuon yn mynegi’r sioncrwydd a’r gwreiddioldeb sy’n nodweddiadol ohonynt fel grŵp”. Da. Fel y Jackson 5 Cymraeg! 

Y brithyll

Ffiona Bennett

—Can S4C

Ffiona Bennet - Can S4C.

Mae’r hen sianel yn 30 heddiw. Felly dyma gan a rhyddhawyd yn 1982 i ddathlu genedigaeth s4c. Cerddorfa, Wil cwac cwac a Superted! Beth arall sydd angen ynde?

Plant Gwent

—Plant y wlad.

Plant Gwent - Plant y wlad 

Welsh single released by local kids for the 1988 Newport Eisteddfod. Written by Rhys Harris of Catsgam. This is irritatingly catchy and has some lovely harmonies. Cheesy, but good cheese. 


The art has nothing to do with the song, but I’ll post it anyway, see more at http://www.flickr.com/photos/newphysics/ 

Meic Stevens - Roedd gennyf i gariad. 

(Source: vimeo.com)

Eleri Llwyd - Breuddwyd. 

(Source: vimeo.com)

Gorffenwyd title

Gorffenwyd - Various

Four tracks from the choir rock psychedelic opera “Gorffenwyd”. Written in 1976 by Edward H Dafis member and super producer Hefin Ellis, the rock opera tell the story of the crucifixion, Although it’s less known than “Nia Ben Aur” and “Melltith ar y nyth” it still has a few tunes worth giving time too. The four tracks here are..

Mynediad i Jerusalem (Entry to Jerusalem) : Cantorion Clwyd

Mair Magdalen (Mother Mary) : Caryl Parry Jones

Ty fy Nhad (My fathers house) : Mynediad am ddim

Pedr (Peter) : Cleif Harpwood 


Hebogiaid y nos


Hebogiaid y nos - Unknown. (1962)

All i know is his track was broadcast around 1962 on a Welsh language Radio show. I take that it’s a cover version but can’t be sure, so if any one has anymore info, please, let me know.  (Also can’t be too sure of the group, but I have been informed that it’s probably them)

Y Llongau - Demos 2008 - 2012.

Y Llongau (The Ships) 

Here’s some my solo material recorded over the last few years. All recorded quite roughly, I’d give them demo status before anything else. Enjoy. 

Eleri Llwyd

—Nwy yn y nen

Eleri Llwyd

Eleri Llwyd - Nwy yn y nen. 

For 40 years this version of Nwy yn y nen was thrown away like a piece of rubbish into an old dark storeroom, then from out of space a spotty man, brought it to life with his cosmic dust, or something. Two versions of the song (written by Dewi Pws of Y Tebot piws for Can Disc a Dawn 1972), have been released, one folk version by Eleri Llwyd herself and the other by Tebot pwis in a more psychedelic form. This version, recorded for Can disc a dawn with the Benny Litchfield orchestra actually won the contest and helped launch a successful career in music for Eleri, not quite sure why this version was never released! Anyway, hope you enjoy. 

Y Llongau - Carreg Samson. 

Performed live with the help of Y Niwl for S4C programme Bandit, I can’t sing for shit, so Alun Tan was kind enough to step in and stop me looking like a prick. The song is about a massive rock in Borth y Gest, Not sure if you can get more pretentious that that.